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-Learn how to juggle-

Juggling is pure fun!

Apart from the pure fun that juggling offers, it has many health benefits!
For example, it engages and exercises both sides of the brain. It challenges and relaxes.

juggling workshop for beginners
Big thoss up at juggling convention

Learn juggling in one hour!

Have you ever had the desire to learn juggling?
To learn this impressive lightness when the balls seemingly fly weightlessly through the air?
And did you then discard your desire again because you suspected that it could be hard work?
Good news:
I have developed the fastest and easiest method I know of to learn three-ball juggling!
If you follow the steps exactly, you can learn juggling in one hour.

Expect this:

  • You will learn that juggling is easy and fun
  • You learn the exact steps to control the balls precisely.
  • You will learn a warm-up to avoid injuries.
  • You will experience the feeling of flow when the balls are moving.
  • You learn how easy juggling is when you have the right guidance.
  • You will have a lot of fun.
Juggling workshop with ease
Is it complicated?
Home Position
Home Position
First step
First step
Learning how to juggle with fun and ease
Flow starts

Get your juggling balls

Before we start with the online training, grab your equipment.
You will find the ideal training balls below.

Please notice: If you order your equipment here, a few cents commission will land up in my pocket. I like to thank you for that.

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